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Slackware installed, LFS started

The day before yesterday I installed Slackware in less than an hour. It was maybe the installation that I enjoyed the most. I like very much its concept. It attracts me and I want to learn many things about this notable distribution.

Now, although I had decided not to try it, not to touch it, not to think about it, I have already started reading the book about Linux from Scratch and I was very surprised to see some of my questions about some issues been answered in that nice book... Thus I decided to start this project, as a hobby or as an exercise, in order to learn. Maybe I will never manage installing this to the end, but I am sure that the journey will be full of knowledge and experiences that will strengthen my capabilities in this wonderful operating system.

I have already checked the host requirements. Hmm, Arch's package versions are too "cutting edge" for this and I do not want to downgrade anything... Then I switched to Debian, and this matches all! So, I will start this in Debian.

framebuffer for Gentoo

Τελικα δεν αντεξα και ενεργοποιησα το framebuffer για το Gentoo. Ε, αλλος αερας... Χωρος, πολυς χωρος!

Για τα ελληνικα σε κονσολα (και σκετη, και σε framebuffer):

- εχω στο .bash_profile τα εξης:

export LANG=en_US.UTF-8
setfont /usr/share/consolefonts/LatGrkCyr-8x16.psfu.gz

- το Vim ειναι μεταφρασμενο με υποστηριξη multi byte. Ενεργοποιω ενα keymap, π.χ.

set keymap=greek

και αυτο ηταν!

Επιπλεον στο framebuffer εχουμε τα εξης ωραια:

* πολυ χωρο για κειμενο
* εμφανιση εικονων με το προγραμμα fbi του πακετου fbida
* παιξιμο αρχειων βιντεο με mplayer -vo fbdev

Οποτε γιατι να εκαταστησουμε τα Xorg; 😉

Πως ενεργοποιησα το framebuffer. Τσεκαρα πρωτα οτι ο πυρηνας του gentoo υποστηριζει framebuffer, αλλιως θα επρεπε να το φορτωσω. Κατω απο τη γραμμη που φορτωνει την πυρηνα στο grub (απο το Arch) προσθεσα την εξης γραμμη:

set gfxpayload="1366x768x32"

και επαναφορτωσα τον boot loader. Την αναλυση αν δεν την ξερουμε, την βρισκουμε με την εντολη vbeinfo στο μενου του grub.

OS Installation Marathon

Since last week I have started an OS installation marathon. I am trying several operating systems on my disk or on Virtualbox. I will write in one of the next posts about the several experiences. Until now I have installed next to my primary Arch Linux installation: on Disk (extra partitions): Gentoo, OpenSuSE, Debian, Fedora, Mint; on Virtualbox: Haiku, OpenIndiana. Pending: Slackware.

--Edited with Vim through w3m on Gentoo.

First Post from Gentoo

This is my first post from my newly installed Gentoo Linux. I work in a VGA virtual console, no graphics, just text. Right now I am listening to an internet radio stiation with mplayer and I am surfing the web with text browsers (lynx, links, w3m). I can read greek text by typing start_unicode in the console (not in screen) before starting e.g. w3m. I did not figure out how to write greek in the vga console, but I am sure there is a way. I will use this for a couple of days, or weeks. It is an experiment to see if and how I can "survive" in a strict vga console before installing framebuffer of-later-Xorg. I like it!

gentoo installed

Today I deleted gentoo from my Virtualbox because I managed to install it on my hard drive. I installed it from my Arch box using chroot. What I was not expecting was to get the network smoothly working after boot, but I just followed some instructions about wpa_supplicant, and it just worked! I have now a working Gentoo system in virtual console, Xorg is coming at a later stage.

Of course there were some problems to fight with. I will write about them in one of my next posts. But having some experience, imagination and patience solved them all!

I believe, that installing and maintaining a Gentoo system is a very learnful experience for a dedicated linux user. Well, after all, I can now return to my Arch box and everything seems ridiculously easy!... 🙂

absorbing states in the software I use

Absorbing states in Markov chains are states, that cannot be left once entered. As in physics of black holes, a "point of no return".

There are many such states in my life with respect to software. After working on this and that, I found a programme that attracted me for ever (at least until now). For example:

Mail User Agent: I went through Outlook Express, Netscape, kmail until I got to know mutt.

Editor: notepad → kwrite → emacs → vim/gvim.

Internet Browser: internet explorer → netscape → seamonkey → opera → mozilla firefox.

OS I have worked on: DOS → NeXT → SG → Windows 98 → Mac → Windows XP → Linux.

Now I feel that something similar happens with the Linux Distribution I got to know. After wandering with SuSE → Debian → SuSE → Gentoo → SuSE, I landed on Arch. And I think that I will never leave.

The reason for these states being absorbing is not only that they enhanced my existing tools, but that they revealed and keep revealing to me possibilities, that I couldn't even think of.