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beeps again

I changed the structure of the beep fortune cookie. I use now the Audio::Beep which permits lilypond syntax and I used the idea from the best answer from this post to select a random perl beep file. Now my beep fortune works like this:

1) Have all beep perl files in a directory, e.g. ~/beep/

2) Run this bash script:

/usr/bin/perl `printf "%s\n" "${files[RANDOM % ${#files[@]}]}"`

Now, every time my computer starts, I listen to a random selected beep melody. It's awesome! Every day I will write a new melody mainly from the classical repertory and put it in my beep repository (but also from medieval and folk music). After I will have many of them (only music allowing free reproduction), I will publish them for download.

Maybe I will write some original compositions as well! Well, that's interesting!...

And for the fans of the internal speaker, here is my beep of the week:

use Audio::Beep;
my $beeper = Audio::Beep->new();
print "J.S.Bach: Concert for Harspichord and Strings in d minor\n";
my $music = << 'EOS';
d16 e f8 e d a' d4 a8
bes g16 e  a8 f16 d  g8 e16 cis a8 bes'4
g16 e a,8 cis'4 bes16 g a,8 e''4 cis16 a bes g a f g e f d
e cis d b cis a b cis d e f g a bes c8
c16 d es8 fis, g cis, d gis, r a r d, r
$beeper->play( $music );