Composition VI

Dedication: To my parents

This composition was meant to be a mini music encyclopedia.

The voice uses only the titles of the poem collection of N. Eggonopoulos, "Do not speak to the driver".

The collection is still not complete. Seven pieces are still missing (out of 24).

10. Το καράβι του δάσους
The small third in the notes d-f is since my childhood a kind of obsession for me. It appears in several works of mine, e.g. Composition I, opening of the last movement, Composition V, opening of the 2nd fragment. Here it is the only interval that appears in the 4 parts.

Duration: 34''
Format: OGG
Size: 443 KB
14. Ελεωνόρα
It is a greek folk dance "Tsamiko".

Duration: 3'02''
Format: OGG
Size: 3,4 MB

Once in Thessaloniki, while attending a concert with works of Nikitas with my Teacher K. Siembis and some friends, a person behind me was very surprised by the music, and was complaining and wondering. At one moment he said: "Παίξτε ένα τσάμικο, ρε!" ("Play a tsamiko!"), so I turned back to him very angry and said "Please, stop talking!". "I did not talk!" he said, "Whoever talked!" I said. After some minutes, he addressed to a friend of him and said "What's your opinion, Michalis? [about the 'strange' music]". Evidently they were folk musicians that had nothing to do with contemporary modern music...

I had forgotten this event when writing this piece. After showing it to my friend Spyros Soufis, he reminded it to me by saying: "Now, that person would not complain about not hearing a tsamiko!".

16. Παράδοσις
This is the only piece of the collection, where the voice does not participate. The reason is apparent.

Duration: 41''
Format: OGG
Size: 453 KB
18. Αγάπη
One minute silence…; 2 whole notes = 1; one pause for two whole notes; I could not resist the temptations of the symbols for this word.

Duration: 1'3''
Format: OGG
Size: 467 KB
19. Εκεί
During my piano studies I was playing hundreds of piano exercises (studies), scales and arpisms. Since Composition IIIa the idea of interpretational exercising concerned me at the composition as well (e.g. Composition IV, 1st movement). This piece has not that exercising-style any more: it is a typical, simple and short exercise.

Duration: 19''
Format: OGG
Size: 262 KB
22. Τα ξοανόμορφα είδωλα του αερολιμένος
The longest title of the collection with a very fast and short melody.

Duration: 4.5''
Format: OGG
Size: 57 KB

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