1. Thessaloniki Period

Many thanks to Spyros Soufis for his several corrections and completions of this and the previous list.

Composition I, April-July 1995, piano. 5 variations on a greek carol song ("Καλήν εσπέραν άρχοντες"). The pieces II-V are 12-tone and the 1st one is based on a self invented "filter"-technique. The five pieces have the following structure: I: monophonic-homophonic, II: polyphonic, III: chorale, IV: recitative, V: air. First performed by me at the concert in the State Conservatory Thessaloniki, May 1997 (same concert: Composition 1/5 and IIIb). The recording is from this concert on the pages of the State Conservatory of Thessaloniki. Facsimile | Recording

Composition II, August-Dezember 1995, Choir (SMATB), after a poem of Kariotakis ("[Είμαστε κάτι ξεχαρβαλωμένες κιθάρες...]"); Based on a self invented filter/weight-technique invented in Composition I. Facsimile

Composition, January-March 1996, orchestra (Fuge). Facsimile

Composition IIIa, April-November 1996, piano. Very fast piece, in 3 sections. The first is monophonic, the second consists only of chords, and the third consists of harmonic intervals played fast. The latter is a variation of the first section. Based on the filter/weight-technique. Facsimile | Sound

From the same period dates the orchestration of the greek folk song "Samiotissa" for wind band (March 1996).

Fuge und Walz, August 1996, piano. I composed the 12-tone Walz in some hours in a bus, traveling from Thessloniki to Vienna on a concert tour. My model was some piano pieces for sight reading by A. Apostolidis. After returning to Greece, I composed the fuge using the chromatic row.
Fuge: Score: Score
Walz: Score
Sound: Fuge

Composition IIIb, January-March 1997, voice and piano, after a poem of Empeirikos ("Ηχώ"). It consists of 2 movements, the first monophonic (title) and the second (poem) polyphonic. Written with the filter/weight-technique mentioned above.

Composition IIIc, March-May 1997, violin.

Composition IV, July 1997, piano. First performed by Alexis Apostolidis, at a concert of "Musiki Praxi" in Thessaloniki in 1998(?). The recording is from this concert.

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