0. Early Period

Improvisation 1/14, Serres, Summer 1991-Thessaloniki, Summer 1992, piano; 9 pieces of programmatic music under the title "The sea". Old scales, self invented scales and, in the last piece, atonality and a self invented version of twelve-tone technique were used. Only the piece "Στο βυθό" (At the bottom of the sea) was performed, by me at a concert of "Musiki Praxi" in Thessloniki in November 1992, together with the Prelude of 1/13. Facsimile

Improvisation 1/13, Thessaloniki October 1992, piano; this was intended as 5 pieces but only the first one (Prelude) and a fragment of the second (Chorale) were composed. In the 1st, tone-scale and self invented scales where used, while the 2nd is a chorale for 4 voices; the accords here are built in fourths. The Prelude was first performed with a piece of 1/14 by me, see above. Facsimile (I. Prelude)Facsimile (II. Chorale)

Rhythmic Study for piano (fragment). I wanted to compose a piece for piano based only on rhythm and octave difference. Pages 3 and 4 were sticked. After unsticking them I discovered a rejected 4th page (last page in the PDF). Facsimile

Composition 1/12, Oresceia, 5-6/7/1993; serial piece for piano, two parts (each hand). The series applies to the pitches, durations and dynamics. First performed by me at the concert of "Musiki Praxi" (Musical Practise) with 1/11c and 1/10 in November or December 1993. Facsimile

Compositions 1/11 (Facsimiles of all versions):

  • Composition 1/11a, Oresceia, 8/7/1993; serial piece for piano in one part. The series applies to the pitches, durations, positions in the bar, octave positions and dynamics. This is the original version.
  • Composition 1/11b, Transcription of 1/11a for piano and organetto, which holds the interval fis-a before, during and after the piece. This was a suggestion by K. Siembis, which I liked.
  • Composition 1/11c, Transcription of 1/11b for piano; the pedal-interval is played once per bar. This was just a solution for a concert, for which I had no keyboard at disposal.

Composition 1/10, Oresceia, 12-13/8/1993; single piece for piano. It combines free atonality, twelve-tone melodies, collage, tonality. Facsimiles

Composition 1/9

  • Composition 1/9a, Thessaloniki, 9/10/1993; twelve-tone piece for violine. It consists of a slow introduction and a quick movement. Facsimile
  • Composition 1/9b, Thessaloniki, 11/11/1993; Transcription of 1/9a for 2 violines. First performed at the concert of "Musiki Praxi" (Musical Practise) by Leandros Megaklis and Dimitris Zacharoudis in the same concert with the Invention for Flute and Viola (see below) in April or May 1996. Facsimile | Recording

Composition 1/8

  • Composition 1/8a, Thessaloniki, January 1994; miniature piece for piano. Free atonal with extreme contrasts. Facsimile (with sketches)
  • Composition 1/8b, Thessaloniki, 31/1/1994; transcription of 1/8a for Orchestra. Facsimile

Composition 1/7, Thessaloniki, 4/1994; fuge for piano. It was composed for the composition class (teacher: K.Siembis). Free atonal; the theme consists of the tones "e c a gis cis" and the countertheme consists of the tones of the complementary set. It has a very strict form with classical form-units (exposition, sequences, etc.). First performed by me with the Passacaglia for flute at the concert of "Musiki Praxi" (Musical Practise) in February 1995. Facsimile

Composition 1/6, Thessaloniki, 8/1994; prelude and fuge for string quartet. The fuge is a transcription of 1/7. Facsimile

Composition 1/5, Oresceia, 8/1994 (2nd version: Oresceia(?) 17/4/1996); two pieces for violine and piano. Twelve-tone pieces strongly influenced by Berg and Schönberg. First performed at the "State University of Thessaloniki" on May 1997 by me and Leandros Megaklis (same concert: Composition I and IIIb). The recording is from this concert.Facsimile | Recording

Composition 1/4, Thessaloniki, 8/11/1994; "Invention" for flute and viola, composed for the composition class. Miniature piece, free atonal based on a single set (a bes des es). First performed by Alexandra Voltsi and Kostas Zervopoulos in the Concert Hall of AUTH at the concert of "Musiki Praxi" in April or May 1996. Recording | Score on IMSLP

Composition 1/3, Thessaloniki, 27/12/1994; "Passacaglia" for flute. Composed for the composition class. It consists of 3 variations. First performed by Giannis Anissengos at a concert of "Musiki Praxi" (see above) in February 1995. Facsimile

Composition 1/2

  • Composition 1/2a, Thessaloniki, 20/2/1995; song for soprano and piano on a poem of Tsikoula. Small, free atonal. Composed for the composition class. Facsimile
  • Composition 1/2b, Thessaloniki, 2/1995; transcription of 1/2a for soprano and ensemble. Facsimile


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