• Talent is the alibi of the lazy.
  • Interpretation is speaking about something that you do not understand.
  • The impovisation of the talented is used to be called "masterwork"; of the untalented, "experiment".
  • Give me your advice, to tell you what you've been through.
  • Even the worst man was once a baby.
  • Gods have no manners.
  • "Successful" is the one who fulfills the goals of others.
  • People who have goals dream that someday they will be happy.
  • If you give the clever ones more rights than the fools, soon they will start behaving foolish.
  • The inaccessible summits are not human friendly.
  • One prefers those sayings that confirm one's opinions.
  • After the invention of the rubber nonsense proliferated.
  • Whoever is ready for joys, is also ready for sorrows.

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