Tutorium at the TU

Now that I see again my solution in the previous post, I realise the ratio of my work to the payment at that time much better. In Summer term 2009 I was working for this Tutorium:

4h teaching
+ 2h consultation
+ 2h solving the exercises of the home work
+ 4h correction of the students' home work
+ 2h preparation of the tutorium exercises
+ 4h writing/uploading extra stuff (s. previous post)
Sum = 18h per week

+ 2h as invigilator during the exams + 6h correction of the exams at the end.

And the only hours that were paid, were the teaching hours.

Ok, I did it for one term. And at the end I received a very good evaluation from the students. And after the exams, some students sent me an email, thanking me for my work as a tutor.

Now, what would you expect from the university administration, if you had such a member of the teaching stuff? Life showed, that the only thing that I had to expect as a scientist, was a job for the next term like the previous one: that is, working for 18h and getting paid for 4h.

I made up my mind considering the following: If you want to be respected, then first of all you have to respect yourself. This was the first and last term working for the TU.

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