A letter from Karlheinz Stockhausen

When I was back in Greece in the 90s i admired extremely two composers, Boulez and Stockhausen. Once I decided to send some of my own compositions to Stockhausen and have his opinion. It must have been in summer 1997.

He answered very soon. He looked into the compositions, but in order to look for his own universe. I understood then, how true Brancusi had been: nothing can grow in the shadow of a big tree.

However his remarks were interesting for my investigations of my dissertation (p. 192). In a small text we read the three forms of the ancient idea about musica mundana (solar system), musica humana (human body) and musica instrumentalis (music)...

Here is the letter.

P.S. After this, I was receiving from time to time letters from his publishing company about seminars and workshops to attend. Apparently I was stored in the database of potential clients.

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