Assigning Functions to Useless Keys in FVWM

  1. Execute xev and press the not assigned useless key.
  2. Read the keysym in the terminal.
  3. Open /usr/include/X11/keysymdef.h and find the keysym.
  4. Read at same line the name of the key XK_the_name.
  5. Put in .fvwm2rc the line "Key the_name A N Exec exec an_application_you_like".
  6. Restart fvwm.

Enjoy the comfort!

2 thoughts on “Assigning Functions to Useless Keys in FVWM

  1. Thomas Adam

    Or, you could:

    1. Actually use xmodmap(1) properly and give the key a proper name, removing the need to look up the keysym directly.

    2. Not keep restarting FVWM, just use FvwmConsole first of all to test the key-binding "live" (thus removing the need to restart FVWM), and then when it's verified working, add it to your ~/.fvwm2rc for later.

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