New Project: All Scores and Sketches Online

I have organised a project, that begins today and will continue for the next weeks. Until the end of February I want to upload all my compositions and all relevant sketches on my site. I uploaded today:

  • piece for double bass
  • serial piano piece (2 voices)
  • 3 pieces for string quartett
  • Ami Dinis (song)
  • piece for 2 violines
  • passacaglia for flute

Now that I started scanning all these old works, I remember the amount of work that I had put in them. With almost a neurotic care for every detail. And the result? I remember that at that time I did not care, if they were going to be performed. I just wanted to compose them. Now I am wondering, if I had done wrong, not to promote all these works for stage performance. I am thinking, that I was quite a bit irresponsible about their existence. I was too focused on the composition process, neglecting the life that they had inside them.

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