Migration of the site from Joomla 1.5.26 to 2.5

I am very dissapointed about the options offered for the Joomla migration. Official Joomla Documentation links here for upgrading extensions (for semi-automatic solutions), where I see the following 6 options: J2XML Importer, jUpgrade, SP Upgrade, Migrate Me, jUpgradePRO, Ji Migrator. All exept the first 2 are commercial. jUpgrade is non-Commercial but requires registration. So the only one that complies for me with the open-source concept and use is J2XML, which is what I am going to use (or at least, give a try).

Of cource a migration is not an update, which was also done easily in Joomla. But leaving version 1.5 unsupported and the migration problem up to the users, is a bit frustrating. If the J2XML Importer solution does not work, my plan B shows to the direction of WordPress...

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