[SOLVED] spamassassin

In the last weeks during my home computer work I experienced an extraordinary event: I received spam. I was very surprised, because I thought, that I had spamassassin correctly configured and installed.

[So, that is how spam looks like... Hmm, Interesting]

I had a look at /etc/conf.d/spamd, it looked ok. Aha, there I defined the log file: ${SAHOME}spamd.log. I had a look at the logs, and I saw that ~/.spamassassin does not exist!

Creating it did not solve the problem. The headers of the mails did not have any little stars from my local host.

After playing around, I realised: I had to start the service! That easy...

systemctl (start|enable) spamassassin

And bye bye spam! Mach's gut!

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