Monthly Archives: August 2013

Slackware installed, LFS started

The day before yesterday I installed Slackware in less than an hour. It was maybe the installation that I enjoyed the most. I like very much its concept. It attracts me and I want to learn many things about this notable distribution.

Now, although I had decided not to try it, not to touch it, not to think about it, I have already started reading the book about Linux from Scratch and I was very surprised to see some of my questions about some issues been answered in that nice book... Thus I decided to start this project, as a hobby or as an exercise, in order to learn. Maybe I will never manage installing this to the end, but I am sure that the journey will be full of knowledge and experiences that will strengthen my capabilities in this wonderful operating system.

I have already checked the host requirements. Hmm, Arch's package versions are too "cutting edge" for this and I do not want to downgrade anything... Then I switched to Debian, and this matches all! So, I will start this in Debian.