Monthly Archives: February 2012

How I activated my webcam and watched my room over the internet

Recently I managed to activate my webcam and see what is happening in my room over the internet. Here are the steps, in case I need them in the future:

  1. Dynamic DNS:
    • Use a Dynamic DNS service to access the computer, in case the IP Adress changes.
    • Update the IP with a script that runs over cron.
  2. Have a script in cron to connect to the internet in case the connection is down.
  3. Find out which microphone I want to use (I can use e.g. Audacity to find out which microphones are available). Note this to put it below in :input-slave=alsa://<here>
  4. Run the ssh deamon with /etc/init.d/sshd start
  5. [Check about Firewall?]

After these preparation steps, I go to the remote computer and:

  1. Access the  computer with ssh over the dynamic DNS address.
  2. Stream video and audio to the internet with a command like
    --sout '#transcode{vcodec=mp1v,
    (put it all in 1 line)
  3. Start VLC on the remote computer and watch the stream like <dynamic dns address>:1234 (or any other port that I have put in dst above)