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A forgotten mini-concert

Cleaning up has many advantages! I discovered today a tape with a recorded meeting of the piano class by Fr. Helga Thieme. During my composition class in UdK Berlin I took my piano lessons at her class. I had already mature piano studies behind me, but close to her I had learned many new things, so that I owe her a lot.

[I tried to find her tel.-number today, but I found no H. Thieme in Berlin. I hope she is all right.]

At the semester in which I did my final piano exams for the composition-Vordiplom (I think winter term 1999-2000) she organised a "Klassenabend" for her students not open to the public. It took place in a room in the Lietzenburgerstr. haus.

I remembered all these, but I thought that I played just Schumanns Romanze. Today, after discovering this tape, I realised, that I played a mini-concert:

  • Bach: Fis-dur from WK2
  • Haydn: 2 movements from the F-dur sonata
  • Schumann: Romanze
  • Schönberg: Intermezzo from the Suite
  • Papaioannou: Oraculum

Unfortunately the original recording was too loud. But I put it here as it is.

Do best what you do worst (1/2)

Normally we tend to do in our lives what we do best. For example, a musician who is good in playing Bach will specialise in playing Bach. A mathematician who is good in algebra, will specialise in algebra. This is very logical, natural and optimal. Because doing what you do best is the best way to make it perfect.

What I do not like in this type of thinking, is that it is not very challenging. And in 2 important cases of my life I tried to do the opposite: to focus on what I do or understand worst.

The first case was the selection of the subject of my diploma thesis in musicology. During my musicological studies I was a fan of the 2. Vienna School. I was analysing works of Schönberg, Berg and Webern, transcribing, composing in that styles, playing and advertising them among my felllow students. It would be a pleasure for me to write my diploma thesis on this music. On the other hand, the "other pole", Stravinsky's music, was not my favourite; actually I found some pieces of him unacceptable, as I was listening to them through the glasses of the 2WS. It was a music, that I could not feel or understand. So, at the end of my studies I decided to write my thesis on Stravinsky, and especially on the 12-tone works of him, in order for me to get to know better this composer and his music.

As it turned out, it was a very exciting challenge. I discovered a new world, which opened my thinking and offered new tastes to my musical horizon. In 1 year I wrote a thesis in which I analysed the works from scratch,  documented almost everything of the existing literature about these works, compared the different literature sources, completed and corrected some of them. For the sake of the analysis I also wrote a software in c  (ttrm) that accelerated heavily the 12-tone analysis.

Taking the challenge was the right decision!


Από όσα πανεπιστήμια πέρασα, όλα έχουν έναν σύλλογο alumni:

Το μόνο χωρίς, είναι... ναι, το Α.Πα.Θες. Άπαξ και τελείωσες, ούτε σε είδαμε, ούτε σε ξέρουμε.

Θυμήθηκα τώρα, όταν πήγα από τη λέσχη του Α.Πα.Θες για να ακυρώσω το φοιτητικό βιβλιάριό μου όταν είχα τελειώσει. Το δίνω σ' ένα μπάρμπα, αυτός βάζει μια σφραγίδα και μου το δίνει. Η σφραγίδα έγραφε κάπως έτσι: «Διακόπτεται το δικαίωμα σίτησης». Δηλ. τώρα τέλειωσες, δούλεψε, βγάλε λεφτά και φάε.

Και στο καλό! Χωρίς αλούμνους και αλούμνες!


Πήγα την Πέμπτη στο Adlershof και πήρα επιτέλους το πτυχίο μου... Μαζί μ' αυτό και ένα πιστοποιητικό που μου δίνει το δικαίωμα να φέρω τον ακαδημαϊκό τίτλο Dipl.-Math. (Diplom-Mathematiker). Απρίλιος 2003-Οκτώβριος 2008. Πέντε χρόνια διαβάσματος, απόκτησης ενός τεράστιου φάσματος γνώσεων, επένδυση χρόνου, κόπου, χρημάτων (αν δεν σπούδαζα θα δούλευα). Άξιζε πάντως. Ο δε συγκεκριμένος τίτλος έχει πολύ μεγάλη αξία στη Γερμανία. Μάλιστα είμαι από τους τελευταίους τυχερούς που τον φέρουν: Με στόχο την εναρμόνιση με τις αγγλοσαξωνικές χώρες και αγορές, προωθείται τώρα ο τίτλος Bachelor-Mathematiker...

Και --γι' αυτούς που ενδιαφέρονται-- το πτυχίο σε αριθμούς βρίσκεται στην σχετική σελίδα.